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Our Philosophy

We work proactively with our clients to help cultivate and secure their financial health. The following principles define Grooms Wealth Management:

We Believe that Your Knowledge Is Power

We believe in you. We invest the time to thoroughly educate you at your pace about the time-tested financial and investment disciplines that we practice. This education helps you become an investor who can make well-informed and intelligent financial decisions, as well as give us the opportunity to truly listen to you and understand your needs. By demonstrating our commitment to you and your education, you will join our clients who have developed a strong and loyal trust in us.

We Work for You and Only You!

We are an independent firm that offers no proprietary products, thus removing any potential conflicts of interest. We objectively work for you and you only atop a fee-based platform. We practice our disciplines utilizing world-class open architecture and we remain committed to delivering the best available strategies to suit your needs. We are never constrained or motivated by proprietary product or management pressures.

We Tell It Like It Is

Our goal is to help you establish realistic expectations in achieving your financial health. You can trust us because we truly listen to you and understand your needs and expectations. We sincerely care about you and want to help you cultivate and secure your financial future, integral to a quality lifestyle. We want you to enjoy strong financial health and the comfort and balanced lifestyle it provides.

We Adhere to Time-Tested Investment Disciplines

To help you work toward your financial goals, we create and manage comprehensive wealth management plans based on the time-tested Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) valued highly by academic and investment professionals. Although there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio or ensure against market risk, MPT proves that intelligent diversification and ongoing rebalancing of investments may minimize risk and potentially optimize portfolio performance. Using MPT, Grooms Wealth Management will regularly analyze your asset allocation and rebalance your investments as the ever-changing and volatile markets demand. Please note that rebalancing involves selling or trimming some investments to purchase others and that selling investments could result in a nominal tax liability, investment fee or other expense.

We Are Dedicated to Ongoing Education

Managing your finances requires dedicated time and specialized experience. Consider all your financial holdings as a company – and you need your own Chief Financial Officer! With over twenty four years in the financial advisory industry, Scott Grooms, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is the next best thing to having your personal Chief Financial Officer.